Monday, September 28, 2009

Well the last time I saw you were waving goodbye from the back of the train with a tear in your eye.

MOVING DAY! It's here!!! This has been a really long process & I really can't believe it's about to start. We have 2 days to move...that's it! I don't know how with school & work & studying for exams, we are going to do this. I'm already feeling exhausted now, staying up late & finishing some homework that I should have had done already, oh but it's all apart of the process I suppose. My big brother Beau is coming to help us move with his big muscles & big truck. I really don't know what Shea & I would do without our big brothers. So let the moving commence & I just pray that we get it all done before Thursday morning.
Title: Miss Me by Joe Purdy

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Of ten thousand weeping with wings on their tears Amidst ten thousand voices for ten thousand years For ten thousand graves yawning unlocked

Today I went to my mailbox & in it was a surprise, the early fall edition of Toast. I got so excited I let out a girlish squeal by my mailbox. The catalog was way more then I had expected. It's so beautiful & the photos are so calming. I love the models red hair so much too. I had a very long weekend filled with my best friends coming into town & starting to pack up for the move...finally! Who knows when I'll get to post again cus we are going to have to get the ineternet hooked up in the new flat & they said it might take 2 weeks! Hopefully I won't be gone for to long. It's almost 2am & my sister & I are watching Juno.
Title: Ten Thousand by John Mark McMillan

Friday, September 25, 2009

And I'll be anything you ask and more going hey hey hey hey hey it's not a miracle we needed And no I wouldn't let you think so falling, falling

It's My Life Friday! This is the first one of many friday postings where I'll posts photos of my life. I have yet to get busy today, but it's going to be inevitable. Shea & I went to Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago & she was dressed so cute I couldn't help but take her picture. We bought a lovely smelling candle that day. New Obsession: Frozen grapes. Oh my gosh, why didn't I start doing that this summer? Pretty much amazing if you have never tried it.
Shea & I have started ripping recipes out of magazines & actually making them! It has become so much fun to actually make things homemade. We don't eat out at all really, but we usually just stick with easy things to make. Now we are cooking whole meals & they are tasty too, kudos to us. Last weekend was my friends Tiff's 21st birthday. We went to Grapefest & tasted wine from different countries. I will not be doing this again however cus every time I took a sip, I wanted to
pour it out, bleh! Was not good at all!
I have many if my friends coming in this weekend so I'm taking a weekend break from here. Have fun this weekend, don't get hurt & have that extra scoop of ice cream! Bye!
Title: 1901 by Pheonix

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deep inside me There's this burning That just won't let me go You are my fire You are my righteousness You are my rock in roll

Sometimes I need a place, I need a special little place that is just for me. A place I can get away & just be by myself. This is it. This is my happy place.

Title: I Am A Temple by John Mark McMillian

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet disposition never too soon oh reckless abandon like no one's watching you a moment, a love a dream aloud a kiss, a cry

My life right now is late night phone calls to my best friend to reassure me I'm not completely crazy.
Title: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Pride can stand a thousand trials, the strong will never fall But watching stars without you, my soul cried. Heaving heart is full of pain

Wednesday has been emotionally draining for me bleh! I have so many things going on in my personal life & then I have a big exam tomorrow. Trying to figure out life then attempting to study for an exam is like trying to nail jell-o to the wall. Not gonna happen. Do you ever feel like the same situation repeats itself in your life over & over again? Maybe that's the way God teaches us, well I'm learning! Foregiveness, I think I'm getting this now. I got my daily etsy email & in it was this lovely little shop called Mountain Girl Clothing. It's all handmade & either recycled or organic which is pretty cool. I love the beach, I'm a beach girl through & through but every once in awhile I think about being a mountain girl.
These were some of my favorites.
Title: Kissing You by Des'ree

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Om maam na pum imjya Kothbiro Ke luru do ketaa-lha Om maam pum imjya Kothbiro Ke luru do ketaa-lha Hah Hahye hahye aye hahye

Have you heard of the wall of plates by Richard Ginori? I just heard about this & it's pretty amazing! I want to do my own wall of plates! photos from here.
Title: Kothbiro by Ayub Ogada from The Constant Gardner soundtrack

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lost in this world I even get lost in this song & when the lights go down That is where I'll be found I get lost in this world

Dreams are a very powerful thing. They can make you feel things that you have either forgotten about or are not used to feeling. I had a dream last night that continues to replay in my head all day, & so I am attempting to make sense of it. It made really no sense & I did not understand why I would even have a dream like this. Maybe I have been dwelling on it to much, but it continues to come back in my head every minute. It was one of those dreams that felt so real, that when I woke up I thought it had really happened.
Title: Lost by Anouk

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I noticed is this I come up with something new every single time that I sit & reminisce The way you sweet smell lingers when you leave a room

Just bought the 5th issue & my very first Arise magazine. I splurged yes! I just couldn't help it at all! There are some of the most amazing photographs & I know I will be able to frame most of them cus they are just that beautiful. Happy Saturday!
Title: Part Of The List by Ne-Yo

Friday, September 18, 2009

So let’s get on an airplane go back to where we began to that point which is days apart that stamp right next to your heart

Last night I had to say goodbye to one of my closest friends Tala. The first time we talked to each other was on a trip away with the men's soccer team my freshman year in '06. I was their soccer manager & Tala was on the team with many of my close guy friends. On the way to Alabama we stoppped at a Subway. The coach made sure to tell all the guys that they were not aloud to have sweets before the game. While waiting in line a very tall very dark with a very deep voice said, "Hey can you get me a cookie? Chocolate chip?" Wanting to get on the good sides of the team & me being the only female on the bus, I said, "I'll do my best." I checked out & asked for 2 chocolate chip cookies. Back on the bus i secretely passed one back to him & that's how we became friends. There are so many more stories like this that I could write about. Each of them very special to me. Tala graduated from Belhaven & started on his masters degree here in Texas. So when I moved home he is one of the people that made it a lot easier to be back here. He's on a flight now to London & from there he will go back home to Nigeria. Having international friends is not easy. You always have to say goodbyes & you never know where they will be in the world. I thank God for Skype, that's for sure! I'm not sure when I will see him again, but hopefully I will be able to go over there & he can show me around. The things that I have learned from Tala I keep very close to my heart. The first photo was taken at homecoming '06, my freshman year. He gave me flowers that night. The second photo was me telling him goodbye last night.
Title: Birthmark by Akon

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Skeleton bones stand at the sound of eternity On the lips of the found And gravestones roll To the rhythm of the sound of you

It's a rather chilly crisp Thursday morning today. It has been raining here for the past week almost! No lie! It began to get cloudy & gray last Friday & it has now almost been a week. It's like I'm living in Seattle or London, but it's only Texas. My sister & I love this weather so much, it's like a big cozy blanket that wraps you up. I'm listening to the rain right now & it makes me so peaceful this morning. Okay, So many many things already starting to happen for the weekend.

I colored my hair once again, this time trying to go more of a red color. Shea said she couldn't stand my roots coming in any more & we needed to do something about it. I didn't think it was that bad? So now I'm a darker redish color & I'm getting used to it. It's a nice transition for the fall I suppose.

The other day while going through my books, I came across one that I had bought last fall & had tried to read but never could get past ch. 1. How many books have I done that with? Way to many to count. Well I'm now proud to say that I picked up that book once again & I am now enjoying ch. 2. I really am shocked at myself that first of all I just decided to read it again, & second of all how much I know I need to read it at this point in my life. Most of you don't know, but I'm not really a book reader. My girlfriends that are all avid book readers tell me I need to read but I just have a hard time with staring at black letters over & over again. Call me childish but I love pictures, this is why I adore magazines. So I'm crossing my fingers that I'm going to be able to get through this book by the end of this semester. That, will be quite a miracle.

I have come to realize that there is really no structure that I go by for my blog, which doesn't bother me. I just post anything that inspires me. I really enjoy blogs that have specific things on a specific day. So I have come up with Music Monday & My Lif Fridays. Okay those are really boring names, I'll have to come up with something a little more creative. I'm really excited to start & to share with all of y'all music that I find & love. Tomorrow will be the first My Life Friday!

Last thing, I love this song Skeleton Bones by John Mark McMillan & He just did this video for it. I'm off to a long day of classes in the rain! Have to find my wellies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I stood across the waters of the great atlantic sea, I saw my sons I saw my daughters, it's like they had no tears to weep...Come drink this water

I know I have already posted for today but I was having a chat with my best friend Lexie & I miss her so much. We had a long talk yesterday & she helped me out with so much, she always does. I have yet to see The Edge of Love, but I had to post pictures of Sienna & Kiera in honor of my best (blonde) friend, Lexie. Could they be any more adorable! Oh & I have already decided tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of my life, cus I rarely do that. Tata!

Title: I Dreamed There Was A Fountain by John Mark Mcmillan

Don't forget my broken heart You remember it from the start You made it and it's all a part Of your grey blue eyes

It's Tuesday & I feel like I have the "Mondays." I'm so tired already & I feel like it's going to be a long week. I haven't blogged about fashion in awhile & I probably shouldn't be doing that now cus I have things that need to get done, i.e. homework & bills. But to make my tuesday better I'm going to blog cus it makes me so very happy! Oh I wanted to start doing something new, I'm not sure if you have noticed by the titles of my posts are very long. I love to use lyrics for a lot of things, they really bring me inspiration. So now I will post the song & who it's by with every post, just in case you were wondering. Happy Tuesday Beautifuls.
Title: Grey Blue Eyes by Dave Matthews Band

Monday, September 14, 2009

So I’ll stand With arms high and heart abandoned In awe of the One who gave it all So I’ll stand My soul Lord to You surrendered All I am is Yours

Do you ever see something that completely makes you feel like what you are doing now, is not up to what you know you could be doing? Looking through my blogs the other day I stopped over at All Things Lovely , Kylie's wonderful inspirational blog. She had posted a video of a movie that is about to come out made by Hillsong United. I'm very familiar with Hillsong & I have loved their music since junior high, but they have never done anything like this film before. I'm so excited about it to come out & I know it will be something that has impact on a lot of people. One thing that on of the band members says in the video is, "You see these streets & people going about life. If what's happening in those four walls is having no effect on those streets we travel down to get there, then maybe we are missing the point." Kylie told me the film is coming out here in the state on November 4th she thinks, so be looking out for it. To see more of what this film & movement is all about, go here I-Heart Revolution.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When I met you, I didn't know what to do, but I noticed that I didn't really feel. Now you're away, you write home everyday. I don't beg

I had a pretty brilliant idea today while walking around in the rain at a town center. I have been quite inspired by Anthropologie this fall, as some of you probably are. Now this might have been a complete original thought or I could have seen it somewhere before, I'm not sure. I have been thinking about different things I want to do to decorate my new place. Something light & have a romantic feel I suppose. So I thought of pasting old book pages to a wall! Now as I see with these photos this has already been done, but that's great cus now i know it will look great & I'm so excited! Have any of you had any fall decorating ideas your just itching to try??

Friday, September 11, 2009

You can see that life’s for us to talk about. You can leave whenever you want out whoa oh You don’t relate to me, no girl,

I just might be the last person to hear about this amazing duo coming together on an album! Has anyone else listened to their songs? Brilliant! The funny thing is my friend Kasey made me a mix cd & their song Relator, was on it & it's one of my favorites. I had no clue it was Pete Yorn at all cus it doesn't sound like the music he has done in the past. And Scarlett, dude she totally blew it out of the water. I'm going to need to purchase this album very very soon. My tunes for the Fall are coming


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