Monday, October 2, 2000

Hello loves, my name is Cali.
Welcome to PassionBird

Who I Am: Artsy/ Crafty. A Texan. Passionate (hence the Passion as my blog name.) Carefree. Magazine Hoarder. Always Barefoot. Lover of Autumn. City Girl That Wants To Live On A Ranch. Meat Lover. Connoisseur Of Unknown Music From All Around The World. Decorator. Sewer. Adventure Seeker. Traveler. Tattooed. A Regular Girl That Loves Eclectic Things. Lover of Handmade Everything.

What I Believe: This is a new day. God is raising up a generation of women, that will proclaim His word with power & truth. A generation of women who are full of the word of God. Full of the power of God. Full of the grace of God. Full of the forgiveness of God. That can stand up tall. Leave our past behind. And move into the future that God has for us. God has called us, as women, to change our world.

This blog is to write about my findings all around me. I'm an eclectic person so thus I couldn't have a blog about just one thing. I try to be the most honest & real I can on here about life & the happenings in it.

My sister, Shea & I live together with our two puppies, Moses & McQueen, in a little house with a red door where I write this blog.

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yours truly dear said...

i'm a magazine hoarder too! my husband is always getting after me to toss some in the recycling. and i'm like *noooo, i need it!!* haha.


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