Friday, June 4, 2010

Wilderness for miles, eyes so mild & wise. Oasis child, born & so wild...Any way you run, you run before us. Black & white horse arching among us

I tend to think about the future a lot.
Where I will be.
How the world will look.
What I'll be doing with my life.
As I was pondering about all of this, I was looking through all the inspiration photos I have on my laptop. I realized that a lot of photos I have are things I want for myself & hope to someday have. So I started looking at some of my favorites & writing text on them. I thought I would post one on here each Friday & call it my Future Friday, even though that sounds quite cheesy. So here's the first. Have a good weekend loves.

Title: Zebra by Beach House


ALFIE said...

i would love a ranch. it's a place to live. to be.

i adore the city. everybody rushing around. the lights. the energy. it's amazing.

but the ranch....the that would be home.

the southern hostess said...

Your words and photos are beautiful. So glad I found you.

Tumbleweed Woman said...

what a wonderful idea! and i love your first future... ahh.


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