Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I like, I like when we whisper soft to each other I like, I like when we're quiet with one another I like, I like when we're na-ice nice to each other

After my trip last weekend, I have come to the realization that I don't know much about the workings of weddings. There is a lot to know!

Here are my & also Dea & Jen's photos from Jake & Kara's wedding bliss!

Now I'm back home & back to reality & working. I'm trying to get into the groove of the Summer mindset & I thought I was there, but it doesn't feel like that summer carefree feeling yet. So I'm trying to figure out what exactly I'm missing here. Maybe a day by the pool is what I need to do?

Title: Shhh by Donora


Caroline @ youngDCliving said...

Their wedding looks really beautiful. I keep squinting at the lit up canopy in the 4th photo to try to see if there is a way to make it! The strand of lights at the top looks so pretty and delicate. And definitely take a day to lay at the pool and relax. Have some ice cream, lounge around, and listen to some good summer tunes, and then you're sure to feel like it's summertime when the living's easy :)

ALFIE said...

what a gorgeous wedding! i'm not into planning them, but i sure can enjoy a great one :)

the anthro dress looked amazing! love your hair too! i envy the color!

as for that summer feeling...i say laying in the sun with an ipod and an iced tea for an hour should do the trick. i find having a hint of pink and brown on my skin gives me loads of summer confidence and care-free-ness!

britni @ Antika Moda said...

She had a gorgeous wedding dress! You look beautiful as well!! Looks like a fun time :)


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