Monday, May 31, 2010

We can shape but can't control the possiblities to grow weeds amongst the push & pull

This Music Monday I'm featuring the sounds of Seryn. I heard this band last week while listening to NPR. I had heard their song "We Will All Be Changed," before & I missed who the band was! I hate when that happens. I finally figured it out who this beautiful band was by going to the NX35 site. They played at the music festival this year. I have been going to their myspace all week listening to their instrumental sounds.

Come to find out they are a band from Denton! I love to hear of local bands that are actually really making it out there & are making brilliant music. I looked at their touring schedule & they will be playing a lot in DFW. So my plan is to go to one of their concerts very soon. I'm very excited because this is one thing I can scratch off my list to do this summer.

Title: We Will All Be Changed by Seryn


ALFIE said...

oh. my. goodness.

this is some of the best music i've heard in awhile.

i am flying to youtube so i can convert some videos to mp3! this music MUST be on my ipod!!

Style with Benefits said...

Their music is beautiful. I've never heard of them before so thanks for sharing!

xo, becs

Tamara Nicole said...

Ok I love that you find fun music that I've never heard of ALL the time:-)

Sarah Ann said...

It's great!! I love their music!


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