Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got someone on my mind & she don't make me wait the way you do But time Oh she holds me all the time & she don't make me wait the way you do

Life seems to being moving faster now that summer is here. Summer plans & travel are about to be upon my life & I'm looking forward to it. But I'm also enjoying just lounging & doing nothing. I slept til 11 this morning & even though I didn't get to do everything I wanted before I drove off to work, I didn't really mind much. I thought this week I would be more productive, but so far, I really haven't been at all.

This weekend Shea & I will be road tripping it to Jackson, MS for the second time this month. My friend Kara is getting hitched! I am very excited to go to the wedding & be there with all my close friends. My best friend Dea is a bridesmaid & I also get to see my close friend Christa. I haven't seen her since September '09, because she lives in Maryland. So I will be in wedding mode all Saturday & it's going to be beautiful!

Yesterday was my 100 day marker for my 365 days of photos project. I can't believe I made it to 100 days! These are some of the photos in the last couple of weeks I have taken.

1. This is my bedroom window. I had just gotten home from work & the sun was just about to set. It was good to sit there & take a breather.

2. I took a plastic container that my salad had come in, put dirt in it & planted seeds. To my surprise there was actually something growing there one day!

3. Shea & I got our first snow cones of the summer!

4. The amazing book I'm reading at the moment. Hopefully I will finish it while driving to Mississippi this weekend.

5. I found this dress at Anthropologie for $20 dollars! The zipper was broken, so that's why it was marked down so much. It has a very retro feel to it & looks like a Jackson Polluck painting. This is what I'm wearing to Kara & Jake's wedding this weekend.

Title: Wait For Love by Josh Ritter


SomeGirl said...

Beautiful post and photos! Hope you have a GREAT trip! ♥ Michelle

ALFIE said...

these photos are AWESOME!!!!! love love love!!! your window looks so peaceful & that dress is heavenly. the price makes it even better :)

aren't you LOVING josh ritter? his song "the curse" has been playing non stop on the ipod :)

Tumbleweed Woman said...

Congrats on the 365! And have so much fun in Jackson, it sounds like it's going to be just wonderful.


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