Friday, June 11, 2010

Move on up & peace you will find into the steeple of beautiful people where there's only one kind Walo ile babawa O - walo ile omon Africa

I thought that this future Friday photo was appropriate for this post. Fifa World Cup 2010 has begun! I can't believe it has started already. From June 11th to July 11th, I will be glued to my television watching all the action happening.
I love things that bring people together, & just like the Olympics brings together the world, so does the World Cup. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see all of the ethnicities & cultures in one place doing something that they love! How brilliant. I love this sport so much. Tomorrow I will be cheering on my USA boys play against England (though I'm excited to see Rooney play too.) Shea & I have been cheering all week that "The Yanks are marching in!"
So for the next month I will probably post a lot about the games & how excited I am about them!

Here is my photo for future Friday & the Fifa 2010 South Africa official poster.

Title: Move On Up by Angelique Kidjo


Jess said...

I'm excited for the Fifa World Cup too! And for once New Zealand is actually playing though I doubt we will get very far lol.

ALFIE said...

love the world cup!

and LOVE that poster! how cool!

ps: thank you so much for your many sweet words on my blog post! OF COURSE i am serious :) check your e-mail!!! we have some discussing to do :)

Unknown said...

cool posters!

ps. I gave you a little award ;) (


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