Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If I could rewind both the hands of time still I would never find a lovelier design than you

A little list of pretty wonderful things in my life. (These photos are from my 365 project.)

I finally painted my room grey! I have lived in my apartment for 9months now & I think my nesting is coming to a close & I am feeling like it's my little home. It comes just at the right time. It's a good change.

My Mom came & took my sister, Shea & I to breakfast at the cafe/tea room where Shea works. It's called Cache & I feel like such a lady when I go in there.

Did you know June 4th was National Donut Day? It was indeed & I took full advantage of the free donuts that Krispie Kreme was giving out.

I have had 2 surprises this week that blessed me so much! The first was Shea bought me a pair of very cute navy flats. She had no idea that I had been wanting a pair & one day she just said, "Oh i have a surprise for you!" I have a pretty legit sister. The second surprise came from my boss Steve & his wife Michelle, who is also a very dear friend. It was a card that said, "Thank you for being such a great employee." Inside the card was a gift certificate to Target! This completely floored me! I have a wonderful job & am very blessed to have it.

A couple of days ago I received this text message from my friend Sapna & I keep going back to it everyday & reading it. She is a good encourager & knows me well.

Title: Lovelier Than You by B.O.B.


ALFIE said...

oh cali! what wonderful wonderings and surprises! it is the things we weren't expecting that are often the greatest!!

ps: hope you can snag your own wedges! then we can post our cross-country wedge-trotting!!! i smell a weekly theme. "where is your wedge"? "the view from up here" lol. the possibilities are endless :)

even if you don't get the wedge--we should seriously consider tandem posts of TOMS pics! what fun!

Unknown said...

These ARE wonderful things!! Cache sounds lovely as do free krispie kreme donuts!!!! If only I had known it was donut day :). And what great suprises you received!!

Courtney said...

How did I miss National Donut day!? MMM.. donuts! Lots of great things going on for you it seems. I love the text from your friend. It's so good to have someone in your life that can lift you up on your down days. You are so blessed! Anyways, great blog here. I'll be back :)

SomeGirl said...

Aw, Cali, you are a dear friend to me, too! Love you, Girl! ♥ Michelle

Great pics, btw!!

Wrecked Stellar said...

Cute photos! And that text message from your friend is so sweet!


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