Monday, February 1, 2010

There's a moving inner peace that i love to see gotta raise my soul to tell you how i feel gotta listen to the tears that people cry for me

I absolutely LOVE award season. Don't you? I was never aloud to watch award shows when I was younger (don't ask, I still don't know why.) So now, every year I make a big deal to watch every show. After watching the Grammys last night, I was so very up for writing this Music Monday post. Now I think there's a lot I could say about the performances & my opinions on who should have won & who actually did, but eh, let us let that be.

I have decided to make this Music Monday post about the music artist Maxwell. This past fall was the first time I had heard of him & it was after I had listened to his new solo, Pretty Wings. I fell in love with this song & me & my girlfriends listened to it all during Thanksgiving break. He was nominated for so many Grammy's this year it was unbelievable, so he must be legit. And it also doesn't hurt that he is an absolutely beautiful specimen. I'm hoping he brings back the hippy fro he sported back in the 90's. I am a huge fan of soul & R&B music & Maxwell's album Black Summers' Night, pretty much hits the spot for soulful beats.

Have any of you listened to his previous music or have heard this album?

I hope you are having a great start to your week!

Title: Help Somebody by Maxwell


kate lines said...

i love all your titles.

and i wasn't allowed to watch them either! dang parents...

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Maxwell is " chocolate lovelyyyyyyyy," I enjoyed his performance as well. Although, I wasn't into his style in earlier years....I really like it now. My week should go well, I'm looking for great things. And same to you :)

ALFIE said...

i love maxwell! sooo glad to see him back & thriving in the industry!!

Tamara Nicole said...

I'm glad he's come back, I loved his music "back in the day". Geeez does that age me?! Lol 26 is old huh:-)


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