Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And if we're all for someone & if we're born for someone when will they come, that someone? and put things in their place? comin' back to see you girl

The other night I was surprised with a late Christmas present from my brother Cody. A box of soft, sweet, Godiva chocolates. Oh, it was just what I needed that night. Of course I ate most the box that night & in the morning, when I woke up, I grabbed a little chocolate & bit into all this amazing raspberry goodness. I think I should eat chocolate every morning to start my day off sweet.

I know on Monday I said I would probably talk about the ticket I had got this past weekend, but I am going to take the higher path & not blow my lid. Even though I wanted to on the cop. So on to better things!

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying to find a journal for this year. I know exactly what I would like, I just can't seem to find it at all (story of my life!) It seems that I will have to pay a huge chunk of change for what I would like. I would love a simple gray journal with lined pages. Does that seem that far fetched? If y'all know of great websites or places that I could fins something like this, please let me know. Maybe I should just DIY it. So far I have gone 27 days with out writing in a journal & it has been slowly killing me.

Title: Song For Someone by The Frames


Tamara Nicole said...

Lovin the journal idea, and yum I heart chocolates!

Man U is my hubby's team and mine is Chelsea, we're always battling and betting, smack talking etc. Glad to see a fellow soccer fan!!!

SomeGirl said...

Yum! Godiva's raspberry filled truffles are to-die-for! (80's term, hu?) ;) I love the photo... simple, elegant and beautiful! You're always inspiring. :)

SomeGirl said...

Oh, just found out it's still cool to say to-die-for. ;) lol

Nicole Jeannette said...

I really like that one! I keep a journal/diary too and it IS hard to find the perfect one!

I like your blog and you seem wonderful! Let's be blog friends :)

Iva said...

ohh sounds awesome!!! journals really are truly so personal, its beautiful to find THE ONE ;)

the real mia said...

I hear you about needing just the right journal. I have settled for some less than perfect pages and the result is that I just don't use them enough. Good luck with your search.

Elizabeth said...

I get all my journals from Barnes and Noble...some of them aren't too expensive and most all of them are lined.

Also, you can get a Moleskine for around ten bucks...they last forever, are pretty colors, and lined too

britt said...

how adorable! i just found your blog and love it!


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