Sunday, September 27, 2009

Of ten thousand weeping with wings on their tears Amidst ten thousand voices for ten thousand years For ten thousand graves yawning unlocked

Today I went to my mailbox & in it was a surprise, the early fall edition of Toast. I got so excited I let out a girlish squeal by my mailbox. The catalog was way more then I had expected. It's so beautiful & the photos are so calming. I love the models red hair so much too. I had a very long weekend filled with my best friends coming into town & starting to pack up for the move...finally! Who knows when I'll get to post again cus we are going to have to get the ineternet hooked up in the new flat & they said it might take 2 weeks! Hopefully I won't be gone for to long. It's almost 2am & my sister & I are watching Juno.
Title: Ten Thousand by John Mark McMillan


ALFIE said...

love toast. love these photos. love the john mcmillan lyrics. love juno!!

Unknown said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing! So dreamy! I love them!


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