Friday, September 25, 2009

And I'll be anything you ask and more going hey hey hey hey hey it's not a miracle we needed And no I wouldn't let you think so falling, falling

It's My Life Friday! This is the first one of many friday postings where I'll posts photos of my life. I have yet to get busy today, but it's going to be inevitable. Shea & I went to Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago & she was dressed so cute I couldn't help but take her picture. We bought a lovely smelling candle that day. New Obsession: Frozen grapes. Oh my gosh, why didn't I start doing that this summer? Pretty much amazing if you have never tried it.
Shea & I have started ripping recipes out of magazines & actually making them! It has become so much fun to actually make things homemade. We don't eat out at all really, but we usually just stick with easy things to make. Now we are cooking whole meals & they are tasty too, kudos to us. Last weekend was my friends Tiff's 21st birthday. We went to Grapefest & tasted wine from different countries. I will not be doing this again however cus every time I took a sip, I wanted to
pour it out, bleh! Was not good at all!
I have many if my friends coming in this weekend so I'm taking a weekend break from here. Have fun this weekend, don't get hurt & have that extra scoop of ice cream! Bye!
Title: 1901 by Pheonix

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