Monday, September 28, 2009

Well the last time I saw you were waving goodbye from the back of the train with a tear in your eye.

MOVING DAY! It's here!!! This has been a really long process & I really can't believe it's about to start. We have 2 days to move...that's it! I don't know how with school & work & studying for exams, we are going to do this. I'm already feeling exhausted now, staying up late & finishing some homework that I should have had done already, oh but it's all apart of the process I suppose. My big brother Beau is coming to help us move with his big muscles & big truck. I really don't know what Shea & I would do without our big brothers. So let the moving commence & I just pray that we get it all done before Thursday morning.
Title: Miss Me by Joe Purdy

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ALFIE said...

love that photo!

good luck moving :)


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