Friday, August 28, 2009

We are the orphan boys & the forgotten girls We are lost & far from home We are the fatherless Born of dust & nothingness We are lost & far from home

Yesterday on a break between classes I stopped at Barnes & Noble to have a cup of good ol' Harney & Sons Tea. I also make a b line for the magazines, & decor is one of my first stops of many. Ever since Domino, probably the best decorating magazine ever known to man discontinued, finding a decor magazine that I can really fall in love with has been very hard. I have found a few articles in magazines that I have liked, but not really the whole magazine has ever been really good. I picked up a few & one of them happened to be Livingetc.
Now I'm probably the last person to find theis magazine & all of you decor gooroos have been reading it for years! Kinda outta the loop on that one. But I was just amazed by the whole magazine! Each article was such beautifully put & the number one important thing is that it was inspiring! I also liked Ell Decor UK. So I'm really excited to finally find a magazine that I can buy again!!

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your twin, lauren said...

oh! my first appartment had a whole wall of family pictures and mirrors. Glad to see how fashionable i was 3 years ago


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