Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One time we met, you thewere outside floating in forest. I placed my stigmata on your hands. Little flowers that you have sown

I feel like writing & typing on here but I'm not exactly sure what I should talk about. Nothing has been going on in my mind of lately, which is really out of the ordinary. Usually I can't sleep because my mind won't shut off! All the drama & sadness that I went through in one day is slowly fading away. I have never been so angry with my Dad before in my life, but after I thought about it while driving in the car for 3 hours, I was a lot better.
I still miss my dog Sugar Bear that passed away yesterday evening. I just cannot believe he is gone after all these years. He was a staple in my life, I knew he would always be there no matter how much I have changed as a person. A lot of blogs that I have looked at today had so much about dogs on them, pictures of cute little pups. That was probably the last thing I need to see right now. I didn't cry today about missing him but i have a feeling those emotions will come up again. I wish I was able to get another animal, but since I'm a college student & live in an apartment that would probably not be a very wise move on my part.
But if I could, I would want a dwarf bunny. We had one when I was a little girl & his name was Dustin because he reminded us of a dust bunny, but we would call him Bunny Foo Foo. He had a very tragic death that I won't go into, but he was a good little bunny. It's time for me to make a list.

1. I would really like to move to a big city & live in a downtown area in a loft for at least a year.

2. All summer I have been wearing a pale pink nail polish & today I didn't have it on & I felt kinda incomplete.

3. I'm dying to finish up the tv series Felicity, but I can't find it anywhere online to watch!

4. I had been wanting a pair of turquoise earrings & it just so happened that my good friend Michelle had a pair that she never wore & she gave them to me! That blessed my heart so much.

5. My Mom bought me a teacup & saucer that has Queen Elizabeth II portrait on it from her jubilee in the 70's. I'm trying to make my bathroom England themed and I want a big picture of the Queen to frame & hang above the loo. I'll take a picture of the teacup & put it on here soon

6. I'm getting the itch to go thrifting so bad! But I will have to be patient & wait for the doe to roll in.

7. So far I really enjoy my hair being this brassy red, but I'm ready to go lighter still

8. I drew tonight for the first time since December & I need to start doing it again, it's a part of who I am & I feel like I have slowly let it get away from me.

It's sleep time for me, but tomorrow is a lazy floating on the lake day so I figure if I'm sleepy I can just drift off in my little floaty.

Bonne Nuit

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