Monday, August 3, 2009

Now I tell you openly You have my heart so don't hurt me For what I couldn't find Talk to me amazing mind So understanding and so kind

Tomorrow I'm going to the lake with girlfriends to float around and catch some UV. It seems that I find myself looking at so many wedding blogs lately. I just love all the decorations & the whimsy of it all. The different idea that people are doing for decorations are really inspiring to me. But I think there might be some wedding bug going around cus it seems to be happening everywhere.
The little gypsy trailer absolutely stole my heart. If i lived in that the rest of my life I would be a very content girl. And last is Clara Alonso. I had found a picture of her in a magazine earlier this summer & thought she was stunning. I cut it out & put it on my inspiration collage. I'm attempting to let my hair grow out again, so any time I have an urge to grab those scissors & start whacking I look at her picture. Kinda silly but it has worked so far.
I'm not ready to start school yet & I'm ready to stop be so bloody broke!

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