Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goodbye Sugar Bear

Dear Bear,
I wish I could hold you one more time & feel your little paw. You aren't suffering anymore & that is what makes this a little easier. I wish I was there when you left this earth, I'm sorry I wasn't. I remember the day I found you at the pound when I was 9 & you looked so dirty in that little cage. But i knew you were exactly what I had ever wanted. The night i brought you home, you fell asleep in my lap as i rocked you. You snored & i thought it was so funny. All the times I thought I had almost lost you because you would dart after a bicycle rider. I remember looking all over for you so many times. But you always knew to come back, I'm sure you needed to get out and have adventures every once in awhile. When we brought Princess home, you did not like her at all, but eventually you two were inseparable. When she died I know you missed her a lot. It must have been hard for you. I remember Mom saying you seemed so lonely after Princess left this earth.
I loved taking you on car rides where you would sit in my lap & stick your little furry head out the window. You always thought you were so the biggest dog around & would protect any female in harms way. I'll never forget when you ate a whole pound of my Christmas fudge. I wish I could have been there with you these past couple of years. You made moving home a lot easier. I know you aren't suffering anymore & I'm sure you & Princess are together now making a mess I'm sure. I miss you so much & no other dog can ever replace you. You will always have a place in my heart. I miss your little kisses
p.s. Puff misses you too

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