Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have noticed lately a lot of naked necks going around. Since i went on the whole cutting my hair thing real short thing, all i have been doin is wearing my hair up. This doesn't happen very often at all. i have never been one t wear my hair up a lot cus i like t be carefree & my hair lookin all crazy so most of the time i wear it down. This post is dedicated t two of my best girls Lex n Mia, my bun heads! They always have their hair on top of their head n a lil chinon thts quite sexy. So Im tryin it out, my hair is going on top of my head for the first time, n i like it too! I think i have always been more prone t wearing my hair down because i was in ballet for over 10 years of my life. You HAD t wear a bun! I was surrounded by girls all my childhood with bun heads. Usually if you were a bun head you were considered uptight. I always tried t get away with just wearing my hair in a ponytail, i was a rebel even then. But now that im older i know there are many different ways u can wear a bun and you can also add braids to it. So go ahead lovely ladies, show off those necks this summer.


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