Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm making my kitchen into a Fiesta with bright colors so i have been looking at a lot of different pictures of artist from Mexico. I love all the bright colors. I remember going to Mexico when i was 16 & there was brightly colored painted houses everywhere! No color was off limits. A couple of years ago there was a mexican family that moved in across the street from my Mum's house. They painted the columns in the front of their home purple. Of course it didn't go with any of the other houses in our neighborhood, but i think now that i look at it they were just trying to feel at home as much as possible. Bringing their culture to ours. So that is my summer project for now, other then t finish decorating my room. Headed t Santa Fe, New Mexico this summer t see my brother n sister, tht will be an adventure. Fiesta! Yay!

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