Sunday, October 24, 2010

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I have to introduce y'all to someone that has stolen my heart!
This is my new little girl, McQueen!

And this is McQueen's story & how she came to be in my life.

My sister Shea had just got a 6 weeks old yellow lab, Moses, & noticed he probably needed a play mate. I said that I wasn't ready to get a dog & if I did then it would probably not be til Christmas time. And I would NEVER get a girl dog! To high maintenance i thought.

One night at work I received a text from my adoptive Mom, Robbie, saying that she had just found a puppy & her & Dad were bringing it home. She told me that they just happened to stop at a gas station to use the ATM when she saw a man standing on the sidewalk with a cute golden puppy. Mom walked up to him & said, "Oh that's such a cute puppy!" The man then told her that earlier in the day the puppy was with a homeless man & the homeless man had found her tied to a pole!! The man told the homeless man that he would take her & find a home for her. Well now the man was standing at the gas station with this little puppy not knowing what to do with her because he lived in an apartment & can't have a dog. He said he wasn't going to take her to the shelter because they would put her down in a month or so.
My Dad & Mom told the man that they had a girl that would love to take care of her & would love her & give her a good home. Dad took her & put her in the car & they brought her home.

That night I rushed home as soon as I got off work to meet my new little girl. The funny thing is the week before my sister & I were talking about me getting a dog & I told her that when I did get one I would name him McQueen, after Steve McQueen. I never thought I would be getting a little girl!! Obviously God put people at the right place at the right time.

She is wonderful & of course so funny. Except when she pees in the house! Trying to teach her that carpet is NOT grass. Her & Moses (Shea's lab puppy) love each other. They sleep in the same cage together & if he isn't in the room with her she goes a little crazy & wants to know where he is.

We think she is for sure a Golden Retriever with maybe a little lab mix because her hair is not like a retriever's. She's around 8 weeks old & her birthday is the day she came into my life October 18th, 2010.

So I'm sure you will be seeing a lot more of McQueen on here with future posts!

Title: Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

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Anita said...

What a precious little girl you have and what a wonderful story of her coming into you life! May you both be happy together for a long, long time!


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