Sunday, September 12, 2010

Write everyday down, write everyday down

Adventures & Life lessons take 187...

I have been on a couple of adventures since the last time I posted.

I finally went longboarding! After wanting to go all summer, I got the chance to go riding for a bit with my brother Reagen. I did for about an hour & I was barefoot! No the most intelligent thing I have done. I also took a HUGE fall on my last run down a hill & got a couple of scrapes here & there, but I was right back on riding like a champ.

So I did indeed get a new job! I'm one of two personal assistants to a couple that works in Advocare (like I do.) I'm so so excited about it I get to get dressed up to go to go to work now. It has been a wonderful 3 weeks so far & I have learned a lot about myself.

I celebrated my sister Shea's 25th birthday with a very cute backyard BBQ & dance.

Also something I have come to learn to love again is Friday night football. I have lived in Texas all my life & i don't think I have ever really grasped the phenomenon that is Texas football. I think I'm finally getting it, & I'm really loving it too.

Oh I also got to go see Jason Upton at a night of worship. It was really amazing to see everyone worshiping with Jason up there leading us through his songs.

I wish that I had more free time like I used to, to blog. I guess it all comes down to time management. Blogging isn't something I want to give up at all. It's something I look forward to in my life. For those of you that have crazy days, how do you put in time for you to blog??

Title: Write Everyday Down by Jason Upton


CookiE said...

Hello you :D I like your blog^^ you have it since 2000 O.O I like it, I'll be waiting for the next post saludos =D

SomeGirl said...

Those pictures look GREAT!! You guys are so cute!!


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