Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There's a mighty river flowing through this place And it's full of passion, full of power, full of glory It's full of grace

I have been off on adventures lately & it was life changing! My family & I went on a sabbatical, if you will, this past weekend to get away & be in community with one another. We drove out to this amazing land that there are only good Texas dirt roads to get to it by. We stayed in amazing rustic cabins. Walked a mile through hot sand to the Red River. Had a huge mud fight while we were there. Worshiped under the stars. Felt the cool breeze in the morning when we woke up.
It was just an unbelievable weekend & a good way to say goodbye to the summer that's almost gone. But 2010 Summer has been more wonderful & amazing then I could have ever imagined.

Title: Mighty River by Jason Upton


Shona said...

This looks like so much fun :) hope you had as great a time as it looks in your pictures!

ALFIE said...

cali! i am in love with these family pics! everyone looks so happy to be together. sometimes that's all you need!!

ps. mighty river is my favorite upton song.


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