Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like the sweetest nectar the softest breeze my heart it melts with all the beauty it sees and highway diamonds lead to empty skies

This past weekend when I was on my wilderness adventure I went on a mile long walk through the hot Texas desert! Unfortunatly the only shoes I brought were my TOMS Cordones. Well now I know that they can handle anything! I got them soooooo dirty & it was so crazy how well they did. I was a little upset how dirty they got, but they are shoes, what else are they for?! Now Ican truly say my TOMS are durable.

Title: The Time Of My Life by The Watson Twins


Olivia said...

such a fun pic!!!

ALFIE said...

i seriously pounded my TOMS into the pavement on a 2 day trip to chicago & they withheld beautifully! the little wonders can't be beat :)


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