Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caroline those crazy eyes that shine the days blowing through my mind Like falling leaves It ain't no good I tried hard as I could


I have officially made it through the first day of my cleanse! And I'm on to the second today.

So far I have learned...

That quality fiber, (not stuff that you can get at WalMart) really does work! Seriously 30 minutes after I had my fiber drink, it totally kicked in! And afterward I felt like I had lost 40 pounds! I texted my sister Elisabeth that & she laughed & said she felt the same way.

Now here is where I am honest, I don't ever really eat breakfast. I know, I know, soooo bad for me! But I just can't seem to ever want to eat in the AM. Well on the 24 Day Challenge if you don't eat, then you are in big trouble. I bought some meal replacement shakes for the morning time so this way I will have something in my stomach & it will kick up my metabolism! And it's chocolate too! Cus I'm a girl & that's what I like!!

Nutella & being on a cleanse DON'T MIX WELL! I had a spoonful of nutella thinking, oh it's healthy cus it's made out of hazelnut! HA what a dork I am sometimes! Yeah let's just say that didn't sit well at all! Lesson learned.

These are the products that I am putting in my body so far to get me in to tip top shape. Click on the photos to find out more about them & how they exactly work.

My favorite out of the whole thing is Spark. But that's just not a cleanse product, I can take it any time I want!! And as many as I want especially when I have a long 12hour work day.

On to the SECOND day!!!

(I'm missing doing my TOMS in motion post, but it will be back next week!)

Title: Caroline by David Gray

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