Monday, August 23, 2010

All I do is dream of you the whole night through You're every thought, you're everything song I ever sing summer, winter, autumn & spring

Even though school started today for my little brothers, it feels like the summer is still alive & living on here in Texas. The whole past week has been in the 100's +. I went through my closet looking at all the sweaters day dreaming of crisp cool mornings where the fog is laying like a soft blanket on the grass & the trees are turning golden yellow. Unfortunately here in Texas, I won't be able to wear my cozy sweaters til about mid October. Autumn please come quicker!

Title: All I Do Is Dream Of You by Michael Buble


ALFIE said...

i am not even ashamed to admit that i am ready for fall! for scarves and jeans and boots.

it amazes me how we become accustomed to the changes in the seasons. in the winter, i couldn't ever have dreamed of wishing for crisp weather---- i was so ready for the heat! and now---full circle--- i am ready for the cool down. (however, i am NOT ready for the snow!)

britni @ Antika Moda said...

I'm really excited for autumn as well! I love summer, but there is nothing quite like fall :)

Tamara Nicole said...

Yeah as much as I love summer and want it to last . . . I'm sooo excited for jeans boots and sweaters:-)

Celeste said...

these photos are so lovely- they make me wish that fall would get here sooner!

suzannemarie said...

lovely autumn +__+

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