Thursday, July 8, 2010

Words can never say the way he says my name He calls me lovely No one every sees the he looks at me He sees me holy

TOMS in Motion

I have yet to post the really amazing photos I took in Branson when I was sitting at the dock one day, so here is my Toms in Motion from a couple of weeks back. I loved being out on the tranquil water as the dock swayed back & forth. I also found out that tanning with my TOMS on, maybe not such a brilliant idea. Still have a funny tn line on my feet from that day!

Where have your TOMS been lately??

Title: Sing My Love by Kim Walker


Olivia said...

oooo so fun!! i want to be on a lake with my TOMs!!

ALFIE said...

SO fun!

i finally posted my TOMS in motion post for this week!! i had to wait for them to arrive :)

annalynnreilly said...

I have been meaning to do my TOMS in motion but I just keep forgetting your post reminded me and I think Ill do mine today! I love your blog.. and from the comments so does my sister! haha


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