Thursday, June 17, 2010

I find hope & it gives me rest I find hope in a beating chest I find hope in what eyes don't see I find hope in your hate for me

There are two things that I really love being apart of in my life:
Blogging & TOMS. Blogging because I get to have my voice out there & I get to hear y'alls.
TOMS because I know that there is something out there that is bigger then me, but I can help in a small way & look cute doing it.

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite blogger friends, Alfie, had one of the most brilliant ideas I have heard of. Both of us have many things in common & one of them is that we share a love for TOMS shoes. We put our heads together & thought it would be so fun to post every Thursday a photo of our own TOMS on our blogs & where we had traveled to that week.
So this is the first week of our blogging adventure called, TOMS in motion: a global photo project.

So if you come on here on Thursdays, you have to make sure & visit her amazing blog too, to see where she has been! So go on, go see right now! Oh wait comment first, then go see!
We both would love if you want to jump in on the fun to take on the global photo project with us! Link back to your post in the comment box.
Both Alfie & I are so excited to take on this blogging adventure & to see what y'all have to say.

Title: Great Divide by Hanson


britni @ Antika Moda said...

How much do I LOVE this idea?!?!?!? I want in!!!! I just got a new pair of TOMS a couple days ago, can't wait to break them in :)

PS. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lyrics ;)

ALFIE said...

woot woot! global photo project day 1!!! love it! so excited :)

annalynnreilly said...

I have been wanting these TOMS so badly! I love them!
Come check out my blog
I have lots of TOMS stuff :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

So fun! I still need to get my TOMS wrap boots. Patiently waiting :) xo

Laura said...

You have a beautiful, out of the box creative blog and I'm so glad I found you sweetie! What an eye for color and design! Come stop by for a slice of San Francisco....

Style with Benefits said...

Oh I just love this idea. Fun and super creative. I'll be tuning in on Thurs. to see where you went in your TOMS. Checking your friend's blog now. :)

xo, becs


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