Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time will bring a well end of our trial One day there'll be no remnants no trace No residual feelings for me One day you won't remember me.

Things I learned on my trip this past weekend to Jackson, MS.
  • Crying is inevitable on a trip filled with crazy feelings & emotions flying around.
  • I'm still not good at saying good-bye & will never get used to it, no matter how many times I have to do it.
  • I love Nigerian food so much.
  • Let the past be the past & move on.
  • Wearing heels from 10am-3pm, not such a good idea.
  • I really have a phobia of snakes. Even dead ones.
  • I need a motorcycle someday.
  • Awkward situations happen. Just grin & bare it.
  • I have very colorful friends (or so this was pointed out to me.)
  • Say what you need to say & get it out before it's too late to say anything.
  • Sometimes life gives you real crappy situations & there is nothing you can do about it but move on.
  • Integrity, integrity, integrity.
  • Nerts (the card game) is one of my favorite games to play with my friends.
  • Oh yes, & playing spoons is so dangerous with long nails.
Title: Pretty Wings by Maxwell


Anita said...

What a great list of things to always remember! Hold it close and smile at the memories! Glad to hear you had a good time on your road-trip!

ALFIE said...

the best place to learn lessons and truths is with a group of good friends! and while it is most definately true that life hands us some crappy & emotional experiences---we see the beauty of grace & mercy for all new reasons on the other side of them!

on another note:: your dress is killer!! && your pictures are just bursting with friendship.

Saving Capulet said...

let the past be past and move on, i really loved that! and your photos are so lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you learned a lot and took home a lot of memories...oh and colorful friends are a blessing :)

Style with Benefits said...

Hey Cali! Sounds like you had a wonderful time at your friends' graduation, despite the tears! It's always hard to say bye... but I like to think of it more as a 'see you later' type deal.

You and your friends look so happy together!

xo, becs


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