Monday, March 1, 2010

Muscle connects to the bone & the bone to the ire & the marrow I wish I had a gentle mind & a spine made up of iron mouth connects to the teeth

This is my first Music Monday to write as a 22 year old! That's quite exciting & I had such a wonderful birthday! Photos to come soon.
I started listening to St. Vincent aka Annie Clark's new album Actor this weekend & it has really become a new favorite. I had no idea how electronic she is, I guess that's a bad word for it though. But her music is very techy. Also it's what I like to call "smart/ intellectual" music. There are so many meanings, history, philosophy & ideas behind her music that makes it complex & interesting to listen to. I heard a interview of her on World Cafe the other day & I was so taken in on how chill & softly spoken she is. Also she grew up here in Dallas & toured with one of my favorite bands Polyphonic Spree. I think this makes her pretty hardcore. So far favorite song on her new album is "Marrow." Listen to St. Vincent HERE & make your Monday wonderful.

Title: Marrow by St. Vincent


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Happy Birthday girlie! (Belated). I'm glad you had a lovely day. I look forward to your photos :) I've never heard of St. Vincent but I LOVE her. Listening to it now. Thanks for the find! xoxo

yours truly dear said...

cute blog! and i just listened to st. vincent and i actually really like her!

Laure said...

I haven't listened to the new St. Vincent yet, but I'll have to remember to! And happy late birthday~


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