Friday, February 26, 2010

Love came down & rescued me love came down & set me free I am yours I am forever yours mountain high or valley low I'll sing out & remind my soul

Two weeks ago I decided that I was going to do Project 365. You take a photo every day for a year, hence 365. So far, 2010 has been a pretty good year & I really wanted to document it. I have been going strong for 12 days now & it has been a lot of fun & also challenging. Every morning I wake up & think, Hmm I wonder what my photo will be today? I think it will be fun to look back at my first photos & see how my photography skills (or lack of skills) has changed. Here are a couple that I have taken & I also put a link to my Flickr page on the side of my blog if you ever want to take a gander. Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday & I'm really happy to finally be changing ages. 21 was good, but I know 22 will be so much better!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Title: Love Came Down by Brian & Jenn Johnson


Crystal Ball said...

I started a Project 365 when I turned eighteen and I got through a third of it and then I couldn't do it anymore. It just wasn't the right time I suppose. But how neat that you are beginning your own! I wish you tons of luck and may you find inspiration everyday to take beautiful pictures.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I first thought about starting a Project 365, after I saw "Julia & Julie". I too would have wanted to discover/make/explore different types of food in 365 days.....never sure on a pic per day, interesting still. Have a nice weekend :)

Btw, Happy Birthday in advance!

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos from a beautiful lady! Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!

Shona said...

I always wanted to try and do a project 365, and although I'm not a skilled photographer, I just think it would be amazing to see how things change or reflect on memories from a year. Have fun with it :)

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I totally want to start this challenge, I'm dabbling into photography and it would be fun:-)

P.S. You need to chk my blog out, something there for you dear:-)

Sarah Ann said...

Very cool idea! I might start one - I'll keep reading! I'm your new follower :)

I love that you write about God! I really will be reading. Inspiring!!

Sarah Ann

Bridget said...

carmel delites. yes please.

Patti said...

Happy Birthday! May to have been a great one!

Anonymous said...

i love those cookies. just had tons this weekend. thanks for stopping by my blog!


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