Monday, March 22, 2010

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Movie/ Music Monday.

Remember Me- If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recommend it. It's so much more then what I expected, I didn't even want to see it to be honest. I'm not on the crazy Robert Pattinson wagon with most teens/ housewives of the world, so that was not a reason for me to see it. He's a good actor & he really proved that in this movie. I have seen it twice now, because it's a story that I'm glad Will Fetters decided to write about & needs to be told. Go see it! If you have already seen it what are your thoughts on it??

Holly Miranda is one my new favorite singers I have come upon! I can't get enough of the song "Forest Green, Oh Forest Green." It's a good song to bob your head to, which is always fun when you're in the car. Listen to her right HERE.

Title: Waves by Holly Miranda


Unknown said...

I need to see that! I wish my hubby liked seeing movies more, oh well gotta go with the girls then right?!

Love the song too:-)

Michelle said...

Adding it to my list of movies to see! Thanks, Cali! ♥ Michelle

Patti said...

So really go see it, or drool while watching?

E said...

Oh I'm just not sure I can do it. I'm like you, teenagers and housewives aren't the best judge.

I'm off to take a listen :)

alli/hooray said...

I heard the movie had a lot more substance to it than most people expected. Hoping to convince my hubby to go see it with me.


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