Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I don't give a damn I'm happy as a clam nobody knows me at all ah what can you do? there's nobody like you nobody knows me at all

I think the spring is officially back this time! Last week during spring break it was beautiful weather & perfect for the holiday. But last weekend all of a sudden it SNOWED! Yes, I repeat it snowed on the first day of spring! I will never ever doubt Texas weather & what it's capable of. I think the winter has officially gone away now (crossing fingers) & the warm weather is creeping in. Every time the season changes I think, Wow, I really love everything about this season. I just can't make up my mind which one I love more.

I have found so many inspirations for fashion for this spring/summer. I have yet to really buy anything, because Mr. Budget says I should probably pay my speeding ticket (I'm a little dangerous on the road sometimes) before I go buy any fruffles, linen, or lace. I was talking to my friend Marla & I told her I would like to start dressing more feminine. So most of the are dresses in pastels so I can get inspired!
There might be a lot of photos for this post to just to let y'all know, I have been storing photos up all winter. Enjoy loves!

Title: Nobody Knows Me At Al by The Weepies


passport in my pocket said...

LOVE the weepies. and also those whimsical dresses.

alli/hooray said...

Cannot wait to start wearing spring + summer clothes. Love the ruffles + light fabrics here!


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