Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So what if it hurts me? So what if I break down? So what if this world just throws me off the edge? My feet run out of ground I gotta find my place

Thanksgiving has gone. Goodbye pumpkin pie, goodbye turkey, goodbye Macy Thanksgiving Day parade.
Life lessons I learned over Thanksgiving break:
  • I am a late night owl through & through
  • I'm beginning to understand what a family is
  • I love trees & the way they look through all seasons
  • I'm ready to make my own traditions
  • It never gets easy saying goodbye to people you love
  • I like simplicity in all things
  • I missed my family while I was gone
  • I'm such a kid, but I have my moments of maturity
Well now it's Christmas! Time for Little Women, It's A Wonderful Life, tree garland & ornaments. I had the most amazing time in Richmond, VA & it has become one of my favorite cities I have visited. I could see my self living there one day. Photos will come soon.

Shea brought me home some goodies from the restaurant tonight! Oh my goodness they were so good. I ate them all up. Nice treat for an all nighter to study for exams tomorrow. My Mom gave Shea & I our Chanukkah presents tonight. A little early but I didn't mind. So Shea & I did a little photo opp so my Mom could see us opening them. I love Christmas time & I can't wait to decorate my tree soon with all my homemade little happies.

Title: Happy by Leona Lewis

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