Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tonight i wanna dance can you do that with you man yea tonight i wanna groove and let the music make you move i love it we're slow dancin together

Today I just realized that it's November!! That's how crazy I suppose my life has been, I still think I'm in October. November is becoming my favorite month. I'm beginning to really love Thanksgiving. With this month comes one of the best times of the year called No Shave November. This month is dedicated to those wonderful men out there that sport the furriness & I couldn't be any happier this month. This thing should become a national holiday! For all you girls that are haters of the beards, I'm sorry, you are missing out on something that God so generously gave the male gender. And thank goodness He did.

These are a few of my favorite bearded fellas & also my close guy friends Craig, Ken, & Simon that have the best fur around! When you see a guy that's sporting a beard this month go up & give him a high five & show him that you appreciate it, I know I do.

Title: Slow Dance by John Legend

1 comment:

olivia rae said...

omg JIM. he is my favorite man of all time. have you seen away we go? if you haven't you must! it is brilliant! xoxo


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