Monday, November 16, 2009

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry you don't know how lovely you are I had to find you tell you I need you tell you I've set you apart

Today is Music Monday & I know I'm supposed to have a new upcoming band to tell y'all about & to hear their lovely music. However right now the only thing that I have been listening to is Coldplay's The Scientist. Well actually it's my best friend, Dea, singing it. She recorded herself playing it on the guitar & singing it & I'm really loving everything about the way she sings the song. It's nice sometimes to go back to the familiar.

My sister Shea & I had such an amazing weekend with my other best friend Lexie in New Orleans for her 24th birthday. I needed to be there with her for this special occasion & I'm so glad I was! I'll post photos of the trip sometime this week.

I have a lot of different things going on in my mind right now, as I'm sure we all do. My sister Shea & I had a really good talk last night on the long road back home. I usually have a hard time opening up to people about what I am truly going through & being completely honest about what I'm feeling. I'm an internalizer through & through. Shea told me last night that she doesn't have to worry about me when I make decisions because she knows I think & think & think about it in all aspects before I make that decision. To tell you the truth I was so scared to talk to her about what I had been thinking about for the past couple of months. But like a good sister she knew it was coming up in subject. I love how my sister & friends know me that well. To hear Shea & Lexie too, say that they trust me & know that I'll make a good decision makes me feel so much better. I'm just remembering to breathe & trying not to think so much about the future. I'm actually scared right now & don't know what to think.

photo from here

Title: The Scientist by Coldplay


* Miette * said...

This picture is so beautiful, so romantic!

ALFIE said...

the scientist is quite possibly one of the most genius songs ever penned. even after years of listening to it on repeat when i lived at the dorms in college--it still gives me goosebumps.

Kellie Collis said...

Such a gorgeous picture! x


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