Saturday, November 7, 2009

And now in my dreams, I can feel the weight I can just come clean I keep it to myself, I know what it means I can't have you, but I have dreams

My sister was being a photographer while we went around town. I fell asleep in the car because we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours! Oh Dallas traffic. It was raining outside, perfect time to take an afternoon nap.

Do you ever have days that you just love your home so much you never want to leave it? I'm going through that, never wanting to leave because I feel safe & cozy. Yesterday I never left my house. I think I went outside to check the mail, but that's it. Instead I stayed on my couch watching the magicalness (not a word) of Say Yes To The Dress. Show after show after show, & oddly enough I never got tired of looking at all those beautiful gowns. now I'm not one to Oooo & Aww over the bliss of weddings, but I did go on a little wedding kick today. Maybe I shouldn't be left alone for too long. I just have to say that there are some amazing ideas that people are coming up with for inexpensive but very chic weddings. I guess if anything it gives me hope for the future that I don't have to spend so much on that day.

I want to say that I am very proud of my sister Shea, she finally was able to get a job! For the past 7 months I have been the bread winner for the two of us, but not any longer! Shea is now a hostess at Wolf Gang Puck's resturant called 560 in the Reunion tower in Dallas. If you don't know what Reunion tower is, it's that great big ball tower that lights up. I'm very excited for her & thankful too.

There are so many different posts I want to do on here, but when I go to write a new post I always forget what that brilliant idea was I had. Maybe I should start keeping an blog idea notebook. That would be a good idea.
Title: Dreams by Brandi Carlile

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It all disappeared!! mom


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