Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know the darkness pulls on you but it’s just a point of view when you’re outside looking in you belong to someone

Today is a wonderful blustery day. I made breakfast & tea for my sister & me before I headed out the door to class this morning. I really enjoy being in my kitchen & making things, even if it's just hot chocolate filled with a plethora of marshmellows. I have found so many great new blogs lately & I have had a lot of inspiration streaming through my mind. So to all you bloggers, thank you for the inspiration everyday.

I'm almost done with my costume! There has been a lot of sewing going on & a little blood sometimes, but I'm really happy with what it has become.

Yesterday wasn't a very good day, I was rather angry at the male gender & my faith in them was slowly deteriorating in my mind. I even might have given a mean look to a guy in my class just because he was a male! Oh that's really bad I know. It's hard to see your best friends go through something & there is nothing that you can really do. It's a helpless feeling, but I know that listening & being a comfort & good old chocolate always helps. I need to go buy a lot of chocolate!

Oh this is the teacup that I found in a thrift store this summer & I had to have it! It came with a saucer too. Bye Mates!
Title: Looking Out by Brandi Carlile

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Kellie Collis said...

On a side note that is a lovely teacup!


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