Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outside there's a box car waiting outside the family stew out by the fire breathing outside we wait 'til face turns blue i know the nervous walking

One exam down, a lot more to go! It's the weekend already & I'm so excited for it to start. I have a couple of things planned. Okay so it's only a couple more days before the move & I know I have been talking about this a lot but I'm so ready!
It's raining here now, a sign that fall is almost here. I went to the movie & saw Julie & Julia & Taking Woodstock. Julie & Julia was really cute. I liked it a lot, but wow did it make me so hungry! My friend Sapna & I went back to her house & basically scarfed down dinner again. Taking Woodstock, oh man did I have high hopes for this movie & it so let me down. I just thought there would be more or I dunno, something else. I probably wouldn't go see it again though, big bummer. Shea & I are watching a western on AMC right now with James Coburn in it & I just noticed he aged really well. He is one of my favorite older actors.
Have any of you seen any movies lately that you recommend? I'm always looking for new (or old) movies I have yet to see.

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