Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You're a big girl now, got your big shoes and you're running around with big girl blues and I know you don't doubt yourself anymore

I just read the issue of Real Simple magazine. One of my favorite things about the magazine is the part where they show you ordinary things, like things you can find around the house & use for different kinds of projects. Tonight I was reading the beauty section & they were highlighting different ways you can use vinegar & baking soda. So tonight I tried 2 of the suggestions.
The first was to put 2 tablespoons in your bath to help dry skin. I have always had very dry skin & I have never liked lotion. So I put the vinegar in & soaked for a good 15minutes. Results: I actually do feel a little softer! I think it will take a couple of times of using it in my bath to really work though.
Okay second thing was using baking soda & water as an exfoliater. Well it sis just that...scrubbed! I'm not sure how my skin is supposed to feel after, but I probably will do this a couple times a week to see what happens.
So all of this has really got me thinking about my health & beauty & just feeling good about myself all the time. I have begun working out again using one those big bouncing balls! I love that thing! My sister bought it but she never uses it so I thought well I could use it! The core ball came with a booklet of great workouts to do with it too, so I am going to start using it on a daily basis.
To be honest I don't think I treat my body very well at all! People always ask me how I get my hair to look so great & shiny or how is my skin so clear? I do nothing to it! I use the cheap shampoo & I usually don't even condition my hair. I have dry skin so I suppose that helps not getting any pimples or acne.
Here are a few tricks that I so when I beautify myself.
  • I brush my teeth with baking soda before I use tooth paste so I can have a brighter & whiter smile. I can't tell you how many people ask me what I do. That's the trick! My Mom made us use it when I was young & I began to pick up the habit again last summer & now I have peraly whites!. Thanks Mum!
  • A super easy trick for getting those perfect summer waves is right after you blow dry your hair, twist it all in a tight bun on top of your head and wrap a hairband around it to make it stay. I usually keep it up while I do my makeup so about 20minutes or so. Take it down & you look like you used a curling iron.
  • The eyelash curler is my baby! I have no idea what I would do without it! My cousin Rachel actually taught me this trick. Hold your eyelash curler up to your blow dryer for about 5 seconds on high or until its warm. It works just like a curling iron & the curl in your lashes will stay a lot longer!
  • All summer I have been meaning to get outside & I just haven't been! I am super whitey over here! My sister Shea got all the cherokee/spanish skin. So for all of you whiteys out there I say to use Jergens Natural Glow. I just started using it this year for the first time & it has been my summer staple & life saver. I usually put it on once a day. Oh and make sure you wash your hands good after or the middle of your fingers will turn orange!! No thank you Lindsey Lohan!
I have decided that whatever I do that I am going to feel good about myself! Even if that means I go pick a Mcdouble ( I did that tonight!) I am going to start looking up more things that I can do at home with using around the house products! Who knows what I might end up doing tomorrow with vinegar.

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