Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early morning sun Shine it and I'm gone To plane out on the lake To glide out on the wing Turn around and sing

I have been taking a lot more care of my skin lately. Ever since I found that putting vinegar in your bath really helps dry skin. I have been using apple cider vinegar & I'm not sure if there is a difference in which kind you use. Maybe I'll have to get the regular vinegar a test drive.

Since I colored my hair everyone seems to be really liking it. My Mom has yet to say if she like it or not & she is usually the first to tell me. Yesterday she was came to the town i live in to see a play. It was good to see her & we met up in the little downtown area. She said she had a picture she found she wanted me to see. It was a picture from when she was 27 & she was sitting reading a newspaper. She looks absolutely beautiful in it & the face she is making is a suprised candid look cus the picture was just snapped real quick. The reason my Mom wanted me to see it was cus of her hair color. It's almost exactly the color that i dyed my hair now! It made me so happy. I asked her if I could keep it & she gave it to me. I now have it in my bathroom, but I'm going to get a special frame for it. Hopefully I can get it on the computer and can post it.

I have had a pretty emotional weekend so far & so I'm just enjoying being in my apartment by myself while Shea is in San Antonio for the weekend. I need to start creating before she comes back home!

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