Thursday, June 18, 2009

One Day...
I will see where all this has lead me
I won't wonder if LOVE happens for everyone
I will cut my hair super short ( after i let it grow long)
Im gonna have a big family
I won't be scared to let someone in
I will know if all of tht meant anything t you
I will have many tattoos
All my eyelashes will be back
I will travel
I will live in Africa
I will make a difference
I will show my sister i love her more then anything
I will surf
I will wear a bathing suit with out shorts
I will take road trip with my husband
I will rent a VW Bus
I will learn t ride a motor bike
I will make a huge art piece i can be proud of
I would like t have my art in a gallery

I will look at a flag & be able to say what country it is from
I'll tell my Dad everything
Ill have enough money t buy a Missoni dress
Ill have my best friends in the same state
Ill really be spontaneous
Ill kiss him
Ill be pregnant
Ill bring home the baby i have just adopted


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