Saturday, June 20, 2009

I have been dealin w this mess of a hair on the top of my head latley. All i wanna do is wear it up! I cut my hair shorter than it has ever been in October 07 & i have been payin for it ever since! Of course i kept cutting it shorter n shorter since i had never had it tht short before & so i was experimenting. Im sure if i hadn't done tht it would still b long. The other night i almost lopped it all off, n im mean real short like when Liv Tyler cut her hair short. But i had my 2 best friends say NOO! be patient! So thank goodness for their wisdom n my life. So i have vowed t myslef not t cut my hair for 2 years! I know i can do it. I think i just need a lil inspiration like we all need sometimes. These are pictures of my hair in different stages. My bf Dea n i had long hair when we met one another n then we cut if short for the first time together. She actually let me cut her hair one night when we were board, now tht is trust my loves.

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Anonymous said...

I think the sandals are from Free People.


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