Saturday, July 31, 2010

Your face it dances and it haunts me Your laughter's still ringing in my ears I still find pieces of your presence here Even after all these years

Do you ever say, " When I get a lot of money these are the things I'm going to buy..."

I usually say this a lot in my mind. But then when I finally get some money I can never remember exactly what I wanted to buy!! So ridiculous how the brain works like that (shaking head back & forth.) But I'm sure if I blog about it I'll remember...I think!

So, when I get a lot of money, these are the things I'm going to spend my cash on...
  • A Volkswagen bus. Blue on bottom & white on top.
  • A month long trip to London.
  • All the pairs of TOMS I could cram into my closet.
  • A massive persian rug.
  • A Chanel handbag.
  • An original Dolan Geiman art piece.
  • A longboard to go cruise on the streets with.
Title: I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay


Tamara said...

I'm the same way.
I always forget what I want to buy when I have money.
Definitely wouldn't mind a month long stay in London

Unknown said...

great list! Especially the London trip and TOMS! :)

ps. Yes you should deffinatly stock up on some Doors records, you won't regret it!! :)

Style with Benefits said...

Love your list, esp. the trip to London and Chanel bag (of course!). If I won a large sum of cash, I'd love to travel for even 2 months all over Europe. Sigh. A girl can dream, right? :)

p.s. I love your new header!!

xx, becs

Unknown said...

Lovely list!!! Oh mine would be a mile long lol:-) Someday . . .

ALFIE said...

i love all these things. let's save our money and go shopping & traveling together!!

Dolan Geiman said...

May you discover your pot of gold very soon. Thanks for the love.

Ali Marie @ Dolan Geiman

yourstrulydear said...

i wish i had more money. it seems like whenever we have extra money though something always happens where we have to spend it. like getting the car fixed, or medical bills. ugh. i'd much rather buy a whole new wardrobe :]


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