Thursday, July 15, 2010

Give a little heart and soul let your body loose control Give a little oh oh oh Give a little wrap your arms around Give a little

TOMS in Motion

Do you have a friend that is always the one wearing high heels? Or maybe you are that friend to someone. No matter where this person is going, or what their outfit is, their ensemble is always paired with high heels. That is my best friend Lexie to a T! She LOVES high heels & being very tall. This photo of our feet is so typical of our friendship & what we are usually sporting on our toesies.

You know what one of my favorite thing about wearing TOMS is? I don't have to have my toenails painted. I'm usually the girl that let's her toenail polish go till it's all chipped away & even then I just might not re-do it. Thank you TOMS for letting me be lazy with my polish.

Title: Give A Little by Hanson


Anonymous said...

I love toms! I haven't gotten a pair yet, but I love the styles. I might breakdown and get a pair soon. Yours look great by the way.

ALFIE said...

gah! first things first---you look incredible!

second--i adore those TOMS!

been loving this project! thanks for loving it with me :)

britni @ Antika Moda said...

Too funny about the toe-nail polish! I always think the same thing!! :)

Adorable photos!!

atoodleleedo said...

I find the taller my friend the more they love heels. I usually stick with flats of some sort. And I'm way short too. So, I end up coming up to their waist, ok maybe not that bad. :)


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