Friday, April 2, 2010

Let us love (like we were children) Make us feel (like we were living) in a world I know is burning to the ground

10 things I'm loving...this weather (rainy) is not one of them.
  1. Working out. This is my 3rd week of working out everyday & I feel quite good about myself.
  2. Comfy nightgowns. I got one the other day
  3. Little gentleman with surfer hair
  4. Thinking of the ranch I will someday call my home. I want lots of animals too.
  5. These engagement photos on a ferry (I forgot what site I found them on.)
  6. The writing of this tattoo
  7. Late night honesty talks with my best friend Lexie, living 800 miles away from one another is not easy, but we make it work.
  8. The thought of getting my hands dirty this summer when I have my balcony plants. Hopefully I won't kill them!
  9. Zooey and her tambourine playing skills. I hope I look as cool as her playing mine.
  10. The simplicity elegance of this room. My 2 favorite things are the huge window & the guitar placed in the corner.
Title: Let Us Love by Needtobreathe


Sarah Ann said...

My hubby adores little boys with surfer hair. I might have one someday... :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Yay for needtobreathe!

lindsey said...

Those engagements photos are gorgeous...loving the font of that tattoo (and the tat) also! :o)

Kristin said...

What an amazing tattoo and sentiment!!

Laure said...

I wish so badly that I had a beautiful balcony to hang plants from. This is why I'm obsessed with New Orleans, haha.

ALFIE said...

LOVE these pictures :)


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