Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gypsy feet will wander Gypsy feet will stray neither love nor thunder can ever make them stay I can't tame a heart so wild like a jungle drum it beats

Tomorrow I will have the privilege to join with others all over the world and going barefoot all day for people that are not able to have a pair of shoes. If you have heard or even own a pair of TOMS shoes you probably know what I'm talking about. One Day Without Shoes is one of my favorite days of the year! Not only because it's an amazing cause, but I get an excuse for not wearing shoes! I'm a barefoot girl, so this day was made for me. I did One Day Without Shoes for the first time last year with a friend. We made shirts that said, "Going barefoot for one child without shoes." Then we had TOMS written on the shirt too. I remember how excited & so ready to tell anyone that asked me why I was walking around with bare feet. I did a lot of walking that day. I decided to walk to my campus, might have been not so smart. You become so much more aware of what's on the ground then ever before. I had to make sure there was no glass or sharp rocks were I would step. Every time I found a patch of grass, I ran to it like I had never seen something so beautiful in my life. Oh grass, thank you God for the soft, cushy grass. By the time I got back home my feet were burning like never before. I'm not a sissy at all, I used to climb trees barefoot all the time when I was a kid. But I had never felt so much pain on my feet in my life. I sat with my feet in the air until I had to head out again.
I'm still very excited this year about doing this! There are so many people doing it & it has grown so much since last year! There is actually a group that is going to meet in the square in down town Denton and have a barefoot walk around town. Yes, I am so planning on doing it! It's all about coming together and being heard & experiencing something that regular people all over this earth go through everyday. So APRIL 8th GO BAREFOOT & Be FREE!
I hope to work for a company like TOMS someday. Companies like this are changing the world & my generation is a part of it. Dude, how epic is that?!
Here are my photos from last year.

Title: Gypsy Feet by Hank Snow


lindsey said...

Tomorrow is going to be such a great day! Unfortunately, my employer won't let me come to work barefoot, but I will be wearing my Toms to show my support. I really enjoyed your pictures from last year. Looks like you girls had fun spreading the word!! :o)

ALFIE said...

LOVE Toms & am sooooo jazzed that you're doing this!! i will go bare foot as much as i can-- however-- i will have to don footwear at the hospital :)

Tamara Nicole said...

That's awesome, I'll go barefoot at home? Gotta wear shoes in the treatment area at work, but fab idea!!!

SomeGirl said...

We're barefoot and donating shoes because of you, Cali! ♥ Michelle

Mrs. Blimes said...

I LOVE this! Tomorrow it is! Thanks for the post, Im gonna link it from my blog so my readers can join in too! I love the idea and the cause is just beautiful!

What is it about growing up that makes a gal so tenderfooted? I always used to run barefoot when i was a kid and now it kills! boo.

Elizabeth said...

You are my hero. You make me proud of our generation!

Laure said...

Oh man, I wish I had read about this sooner! Maybe next year, I love going barefoot so what a great reason to do it.

Cole said...

Such a cool thing wish I would have known about it earlier. Love your blog. especially the whole scoops of ice cream. so cute!



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