Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spent a week in a dusty library waiting for some words to jump at me we met by a trick of fate french navy, my sailor mate

I have set no goals for 2010. I think I'm over the making resolution at the beginning of the year. If you have made a resolution than that's wonderful! But so far nothing for me. I guess I have a resolution & it's to stop having such high expectations for things. I have yet to conclude if this is a good or bad resolution. So far it's working out pretty well.

A couple of months a go I found this amazing coat in a thrift store & I had to have it! So now you finally get to see it. I only wear it on special occasions because it is so amazing. It's also a little too big for me, but maybe I'll grow in to it. Okay that was a complete joke. Oh & these are my new lady shoes. I call them my lady shoes because I tend not to buy nice dress shoes. I like my Toms & my boots. But I decided to go out on a limb & by these lovely shoes & I really love them a lot. Maybe my next pair will be heels. Okay probably not.

At the beginning of every year I start going on a crazy hunt to listen to new music. It's a way for me to feel like I'm beginning something new. Spin magazine & Rolling Stone had really good issues of what has been the best music of '09 & what bands to look out for in '10. I have already begun the research of a lot of new artists & I'm really excited to start Music Mondays again!

Title: French Navy by Camera Obscura


Emily Anne said...

Sweet blog! I love it. :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

That is a fabulous coat my dear!! xo

The Cherry Blog said...

great coat! just found your blog - i'm enjoying it lots :) xx

Kimberly said...

Loving your blog and all the pictures.


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