Monday, November 2, 2009

All these men that you made how we wither in the shade of your trees, on your wings we are carried to the sea

Amazing little shop on Etsy that I found. I love the art work, how eclectic & colorful it is. I'll have to buy one really soon! Go look at some more of Shelby Healey's work here.

I had such a crazy weekend, but it was really good, but hard to leave my friends yet again, it never gets any easier. I'll post photos soon. I realized so many things about myself over the weekend & my friends were there to help me through it. I'm ready for Thanksgiving break! Have I said that on here yet? Well I am! Hurry up you Thanksgiving holiday!

Title: On Your Wings by Iron & Wine


sobinique said...

This is beautiful!

shelby healey said...

Oh, thank you for your sweetness! I've enjoyed reading your heartfelt blog and will be back for more!


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