Friday, October 23, 2009

Go with your arms held wide happiness in your eyes, convincing and stay the night, turn out every light you see and lay them down buried in the ground

Being completely honest with yourself is something that is quite a difficult task, well for me it is. I feel like there are so many things happening. So much going on in my head, my life, the world, in other peoples lives. You know when you feel change coming, not just the season but in your life. Something is coming on the horizon if you will.
I promised my best friend tonight that I will be single & free as long as it takes to find the mac to my cheese. And I will try to take advantage of this time of my life until something else comes a long & it all changes. So this is me embracing, once again, where I am & who I am at this very moment.
Title: English House by Fleet Foxes

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