Sunday, August 16, 2009

Well pick me up with golden hand how may see you how may tell you to run you know what they say about the young

I'm about to leave & go on what will be the last road trip of the Summer of 09. Wow! Where in the world did this summer go? I feel like it was just a week ago that I was taking my finals & waiting to soak in that summer sun. But let me not look back & wish for what isn't, but I can only hope for what will be (don't I sound so very smart.) It's so funny looking back at all the photos that I have taken this summer, it looks like I have really done so much! But I feel like I could have done more. I guess seen more things, gone more places, & really took a hold of my summer. But this was the first summer that Shea & I have lived together on our own. In our own little apartment just the two of us.
I have no regrets about this summer at all. I have really done everything I have wanted to. Well i did want to go to the beach, but I know that will happen soon. Yes Summer 09, you have been good to me. I had high expectations for you & now that I look back I know you didn't let me down. This is my last week of freedom before responsibility of being a student again comes banging on my door. I know I have been going on about dreading this fall, but I'm really trying to change my mindset about that. If I can change how I think about it, I know I will have a great fall! I know it will be much better then last fall & that's all I can ask for. I wouldn't relive Fall 08 if someone paid me!
So here is to the open road, amazing summer tunes that lead me on my way, great scenery & meeting my new baby nephew!
See you in a week! Santa Fe...the YaYa's are coming!

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alissa said...

i love this image! i saw it on a weardrobe contest a while ago but there was text all over it! totally using it for a travel post this week :) ill give you credit of course!


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